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Honeydew Metal Recycling was founded in 1996.

Honeydew Metals has established a great client relationship with individuals to large companies. We are buyers of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals and we are known for our good customer care and competitive pricing.

Honeydew Metals Recycling has since diversified into buying recyclable Paper, Glass, Cans, and various grades of Plastics. Our company believes in the reduction of the carbon footprint, thus our motto, “Going Greener Together”.

All recyclables are sorted and graded on site. Our major aim is to keep our country clean and in the process turning scrap into cash. We also work closely with foot soldiers or trolley customers who reclaim recyclables and thus informal jobs are created, landfill space is saved and a living is earned.

We also provide convenience because we;

  • Are Easily Accessible on the main route.
  • Collect within a 15km radius.
  • Accept any recyclable material.

Inspections are regularly done by SAPS, CITYPOWER, TELKOM, ESKOM, HEALTH DEPARTMENT and EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SERVICES to ensure that, no stolen material is traded in and to ensure that we practice safety precautions for our clients and employees.

All our scales and the weighbridge is SABS approved and we can weigh up to 35 tonnes. We purchase, unload, sort and process from our premises; our staff delivers a professional service. The company prides its self with employees who are well trained in grading recyclable material and are a helpful friendly team.

Honeydew Metal Recycling is a Member of the MRA (METAL RECYCLERS ASSOCIATION), thus we take responsibility in;

Trading in an ethical manner according to accepted business practice.
Act in accordance with the legislation relating to the trading of scrap metal and to promote the awareness of the environment and more.

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